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Mr. Otri’s has more than 27 publications in peer reviewed journals (5 of them as a first author) Clinical evaluation and characterization of corneal vascularization. Faraj LA, Said DG, Otri AM, Dua HS. BJO. Jan 2015. In vitro studies on the antimicrobial peptide human Beta-Defensin 9: Signalling pathways and pathogen related response. Harminder S. Dua, Ahmad Muneer Otri, Andrew Hopkinson , and Imran Mohammed. Trans Am Ophthalmol Soc. 2014. Intra-lesional 5 fluorouracil for the management of recurrent pterygium. Said DG, Faraj LA, Elalfy MS, Yeung A, Miri A, Fares U, Otri AM, Rahman I, Maharajan S, Dua HS. Eye (Lond). Oct 2013.

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